Anticipating all the “can I get a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE“‘s cause that’s what you just have to do as a barista this time of year.

Sometimes I do my eyebrows in brown for fun and make them look “natural” or whatever and I just scoff cause I hate em so much lmao. Like I know how to do makeup ya goons, I just PREFER bigger eyebrows and I dunno I just feel like people think I don’t know that I have blocks on my face like no, I do. I just know what I like best lmao. But anyways sometimes brown eyebrows turn out better than my black ones do and I’m lowkey giving myself the side eye because like, I use the same damn technique how is brown easier? Ridiculous.

Why do people think insomnia is fun? It’s not? It’s agony? I don’t like having messed up sleeping schedules? Or passing out from exhaustion because I’ve overworked myself? What? Yeah. Not sleeping is great.

It’s literally 11:40pm and some white girl just retweeted “insomnia”….
I’m gonna be sick.

*gonna start taking biotin because I have shit health and also I want my eyebrows and hair to grow hayyyyy*