Ceteris Paribus~
-I'll make a proper about me page sometime soon. Who knows.

I’m not paying any attention to American hustle like I couldn’t care at all about what’s happening. Someone send me anons please before I explode.

browlberry: h,u,g 

H, like Hanje Zoe from attack on titan
U, for uhhhhhh (yeah I don’t think I love anything that starts with a U. Nothing comes to mind. Oh gosh.)
G, Gendo (what I call my friend joey who I really love a lot cause he listens to my problems and talks to me when we work together)
:) many thanks friend!

Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.

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I could’ve gotten laid again tonight and socialized at a bonfire but I decided to stay in and play super smash bros and eat chocolate (and then got sick and puked) and now I feel like trash and wanna text the boy to come get me because I need human interaction, like I’m going to explode. And he promised to give me hickies WHY DID I PASS THAT UP.
But on the bright side I gained some more followers and everyone’s been pretty lovely about the pronoun change although I haven’t brought it up to my friends irl cause I’m not thatttttt comfortable yet. But if they’re reading they shouldn’t hesitate to switch to the correct ones.
Overall I’m in a good mood~