Ceteris Paribus~
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I had sex again tonight and the boy was just really sexy the entire time and I was really nervous/anxious because I was coming down from a panic attack so I contemplated staying home in the first place. But I didn’t and I did ittttt and it was so heated and when weird noises happened we’d laugh. Like sex is such a weird thing and I dunno if you can’t laugh when things happen then I don’t know things will be a lot more weird than you want em to be or something. And he said “put your legs around me” and I was done. Hoi. Good ass night.


You’re over someone when you stop looking at their social media accounts.

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don’t send me snapchats from something i wasn’t invited to you rude ass bitch

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My. Heart. Is. Shattering.

Y’all really don’t understand, I downloaded the song yesterday and I’ve already played it 165 times and it’s on repeat and I am SO IN my feelings right now. Painful memories and flashbacks and nostalgia and peacefulness all at the same time are happening. It’s so complicated. And the boy texted me and called me and I ignored him completely because I just wanna listen to this song and be kind of a mess.


Utada Hikaru, Sakura Nagashi (Themesong for Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo)

"However great the fear, I will not look away. If at the end of everything, there is love."

This song is all of my feelings right now

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