"if you’re not a boy or a girl what are you"





People who had a really high amount of sexual partners are usually habitual liars and when you confront them about them being a liar they get really offended because they really do believe their own lies sometimes and that’s wild to me.

this is the shittiest post

HAHAHAHAHA well that’s some shit

What. The fuck.


I have just been called “glittery garbage”. Thank you baduhmtiss, I am honored.

Brandon you are absolutely ridiculous and I love you so much you poop!


*calls white people white people*
*is called racist*

I am not gonna date someone unless I genuinely like them because I am so so tired of just “dating” out of the excitement of someone liking me.

*has to work at 7am* *watches mirai nikki instead*

I hate kids I hate them.

It’s v hot in my house and I just gained three followers. What.
Soon I’ll have 1k. I can smell it. I gotta take more selfies and step it the eff up.